Olympics boost use of interactive TV


Olympics boost use of interactive TV

Tuesday, August 24 2004, 11:58 BST

By Daniel Kilkelly


Olympics boost use of interactive TV


Interactive TV coverage of the Olympic games has proved to be a massive success, the BBC has revealed.

A record-breaking 6.1 million UK viewers have used the BBC’s interactive service, which allows fans to choose the Olympic event that they wish to view.

The BBC’s interactive TV service is also being used for longer periods of time since the start of the games. 80% of people who viewed an interactive service did so for more than three minutes. 46% stuck with the service for more than 25 minutes.

“The Olympics are perfect for interactive television because there are so many events happening at the same time,” Andrew Thompson, BBC Sport’s head of new media, sports news and development, explained. “Before we had the interactive option, hundreds of hours of footage disappeared down a black hole.”

The 6.1 million figure beats the 4.1 million people who viewed interactive TV coverage of Wimbledon earlier this year.

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