Mobile TV

  • Mobile Television enables consumers to view television content via their mobile phones.
  • Big players include South Korea. The UK based company, BT was the first company outside the Korea to offer the service to it’s users.
  • There are a numerous ways in which users can view television content. These include Video-on-demand, traditional/linear and live TV programmes.
  • The 3G network is the fastest way to deliver this service
  • BBC One launched it’s first mobile TV service on 1st October 2007.
  • Richard Halton (BBC’s controller of Business Strategy) “In the emerging world of media delivery, the BBC is delighted to have this opportunity to learn more about how viewers will consume digital audio and video content on mobile handsets on a trial basis”
  • Challenges- Uses up a lot of Battery power
                          Need to increase current mobile memory capacities to allow for long hours of mobile viewing, and video sharing.
                          Users often have to purchase extra handsets to take advantage of this service
                         Popular shows may need to be edited therefore becoming shorther in length.
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