Channel 4 Meet the Natives

Genre: Culture, lifestyle documentary

Time of Day: Thursday 9pm- 4 part series

Production Values:

The shos follows a group of native South Pacific Islanders and their experiences with different “Classes” of British families (Working class, middle class and upper middle class). A lot of emphasis is placed on their admiration of Prince Phillip and their belief that he will one day return to them and their island as a leader. It illustrates how other cultures differ from British culture, but one may pose the question as to whether we really do get an anthropological insight into their culture.

Channel 4’s success:

Channel 4 programming can be viewed as cult programming. It’s renowned for successful shows such as hollyoaks, deal or no deal, cult of the suicide bomber etc. I beleive that it is successful as it commissions shows that go against the norm and that don’t conform to ideals and therefore push the boundaries of thought. Inevitably it largely appeals to those between 16-34 years old.

Interactive Implications:

It’s website is very graphical and content driven. There are web spaces where one can discuss programme plot lines, characters etc. There are platforms where one can propose new ideas, upload your own films, documentaries and films and music. Moreover there is a platform titled ‘Origination’ which lends itself to celebrating cultural difference. It places real emphasis on being able to interact with it’s viewers and listen to what they have to say about current shows and future shows they would like to view.

 Key Players:

Kevin Lygo- Head of Channel 4

Joanna Ball- Commissioning Editor for C4 Feature Team

Adam Adler- Commissioning Editor for C4 Entertainment

Agil Ahmed- Commissioning Editor for C4 Religion

Shane Allen- Commissioning Editor for Comedy

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One thought on “Channel 4 Meet the Natives

  1. go to say this is one of the nicest, programmes i have seen in a long long time. In one of the programmes it highlights that we are living a back to front way in some manner. And yes it is true, not that we dont know that really, but it takes five melanisians to tell us this.
    Its funny, heart warming, educational, and so well done. Show’s how we are pussy footing around, wasting time on things that don’t really matter, whereby all the good things are for free, like they say love, respect, unity and peace.
    “why can’t we all chip in and build a house for the homeless, just like that? Makes you think!.

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