How have broadcasting organisations used interactive media?

Interactivity can be definded as ‘Giving the user control’. There are many channels that are offering the user to get involved with what they would like to view. Sky Sports have an interactive system that allows the users to watch any event, rather than having to watch the event that is aired on the actual channel. Sky also launched the UK’s first interactive credit card, that works how you use it in the shops.

Sky also have an interactive service which is called Sky Sports Score Centre where the viewer can be kept up-to-date with the latest football scores online.

The shows that are being aired can also be viewed online as they are being aired on TV. After the viewer has registered up, they are able to view the programmes that they wish to online.,19521,11065,00.html


Sky is not the only broadcasting company that is getting interactive. The BBC and Channel 4 have also started there own online interactive service where the user is able to view a programme an hour after it has been aired on television. BBC Iplayer and 4OD (4 On Demand). The shows will be kept for up to 7 days for anyone to watch. BBC Iplayer does not require any registration to be used, however to use 4OD, software has to be installed onto your computer to starting using. BBC iplayer is also going to be available to your mobile phones. The Nokia N96 are to be among the first to use the interactive system on their mobile phones


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