How Have Broadcasting Organisations Used Interactive Media?

Sky News and BBC used to be the main TV channels that catered to provide daily headlines for the nation.

Throughout time we have seen how the News Industry has changed with the use of technology. From being a one way medium where viewers could only agree with what they saw being presented to them, we now have different ways in which the News can be consumed by the viewers.

With the use of BBC’s News Multiscreen, viewers are now given the oppertunity to be able to select the headline they want to view from a selection of 4-6 stories. Not only that, but the use of the red button on certain TV channels enables viewers to skip to the headlines they find more appealing to them.

 We have seen that for the last couple of years the news industry has changed immensely since the introduction of Web 2.0. With the use of blogging, forums and chats, viewers are now receiving one-on-one experience of how life is like in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq where all the main headlines are taking place.

The River Bend Blog is an example of a womans experience of life in Iraq, and it is through her that the viewers get a first hand experience of how life really is like in Iraq, rather then have a news reporter who has been out there in the country for two days.


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