How have broadcasting organizations started using interactive media?

‘It is necessary to monetize multiple digital distribution channels while still managing content and business as efficiently and cost effective as possible’-MD of Media and Entertainment, Microsoft.

Broadcasting organizations are using interactive media to escape from the overload provided by hte same medium. To break the monotony caused by this mode of content delivery, the web is being used extensively. It helps the organizations as they get more audience involvement. For example having easy trivia questions related to the show during the break or giving the audience the right to eliminate contestants out makes the audience feel important and they can relate to the show even better. Interactive media is also used to create a certain kind of hype or arouse interest in the minds of the viewers about a new show. You can watch the BBC2 show ‘Inside Out’ on i player an hour after its telecast.

The broadcasting oranizations have also started becoming more customer friendly with the use of interactive media by asking their viewers to send fedback mails so that they can improvise on the content.


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