MTV The Hills

MTV most successful reality TV show ‘The Hills’ returned this weekend. The show has such a large fan base they are combining traditional medium of TV with on-line after shows and extras. For the start of the fourth season, super fans were able to watch the show and then voice their thoughts and opinions for an after-show programme show exclusively on-line. Other fans were able to submit comments as well. 

The on-line content for the shows enables fans to download sneaky preview clips for the show, read biogs of the cast and look at pictures. Furthermore, on-line you can get episode breakdowns for each week and catch up with gossip about the cast as well.

MTV have a Hills Message Board running continuously that enables fans to submit comments about the show and ask each other questions about all things Hills related.

They are also encouraging fans to created there on versions of The Hills by combining videos, pictures, chat and text.

This season of The Hills is sponsored by the social networking site bebo, which enables fans to join The Hills group on the bebo site. The site registers you as fan of the show and you can view videos of the show on-line.

I think that The Hills is a show for 16-24 year olds who use social networking sites and the Internet on a daily basis. MTV have combined normal medium of TV with additional on-line features and they have also linked it to social networking site. Therefore, they are adapting the show to the needs and lifestyles of their fans. These additional features allow fans to continue to get their daily dose of Hills gossip and drama outside the traditional TV show format.

The Hills is an example of how broadcasting organisations are using interactive media to develop their shows and attract a wider audience. MTV have adopted a more multimedia platform which enables viewers and users participate in the show in different ways.

Although the focus of this blog is only based a one TV show the concepts and ideas can be adapted to many other TV shows. Another example of how broadcasting organisation using interactive media is BBC s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The BBC enable you to get updates about the show on your mobile, you can go on-line and get updates about the contestants and all the lastest strictly news. There’s a message board where viewers and users can submit comments there is information about how you can vote for you favourite contestants. The wesbite also lets users watch snippets of show on-line. The BBC iPlayer enables you to watch the entire show when you like of the course of the next sevens days.

Broadcasting organisations are using differentforms of new media to give users and viewers a more varied and enjoyable experience as well as attracting new users and viewers as well.


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