Facebook and The Youth Generation

I have finally joined the ranks of the Facebook world. Whilst I am still unsure as to whether I have done the right thing. I am adamant that my old school crew and work colleagues will not find me because whatever happens on a night out remains a distant memory for me and those involved.

What I find fascinating is that it seems acceptable that in today’s society to go out get drunk and have it documented on Facebook for the whole world to see. Even if you’ve not taken the pictures yourself you can be sure a friend has and will tag you into the photos. Is this really such a good idea? Especially as the older generation are becoming more Internet savvy.

Do you really want your boss or parents looking at pictures for you when you’re a little not looking your best?

Recently, a girl from work went on holiday with her fiance and then the week she was due back to work rang in and said she was ill with stress. What she failed to remember was that she had posted her photos on Facebook of her holiday. The general consensus was that she didn’t look stressed at all. She then apparently handed in her notice two weeks later, but after the rumor mill at work had been gossping on overdrive about her so  called ‘stress’. Combined with her reputation for being lazy would she have been welcomed back with open arms. I doubt it! Especially with the new managament team assessing the current worth of its employees.

Whilst I still think Facebook is good in principal I sure not sure I want the whole world viewing my escaped on-line thanks of a friend with a camera who a little too snap happy for my liking.

I have friends who work in the theatre industry who are dreading this year’s panto season and the return of Mr Barrowman. My friends unfortunately all have to wear name badges which members of the public then remember and search for them on Facebook. They are then in-dated with bizarre questions about Mr Barrowman and what it’s like to work with him.

Whilst that seems fairly innocent to some people I personally find that a little disturbing but I guess you could say that some of Mr Barrowman’s fans are just little strange. But hey that’s a whole new blog post. Maybe in six months time I  feel differently about Facebook but right now I am still a little unsure about this see all and tell form of social networking. Especially where young people are concerned!


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