There’s More to Online Videos than YouTube!

It may be used by millions of people worldwide everyday but lets face it, there’s a lot of crap on there. If you want your 3 minute doc to be taken seriously and viewed by people who are really going to appreciate it, then YouTube is probably not the best place to stick it.

So where else can people view your creative piece of work?

You might consider MySpace Film , but it’s debatable whether this would be any better than using YouTube.

Alternatively, Vimeo is a much ‘cleaner’ website, and even supports High Definition.  

Another  place you may want to upload your film to is Your video will be seen in high Flash quality on this website, and you can also build websites and video channels using it.

Or maybe you could upload it to’s Moving Image Library. This site is used by a community of intelligent people with a shared interest in Open Media, and may therefore offer more constructive reviews than any comments made on YouTube.

You can even earn money from your video. Metacafe prides itself on being a different sort of video site. It won’t just post any and every video, and it will pay you for creating and submitting ‘exceptionally entertaining original works’ as part of it’s Producer Rewards Program.

Revver is another video hosting site where your video can bring monetary gain. How? They’ll stick a targeted ad right next it. So if this doesn’t bother you, Revver will split the revenue 50/50 when someone clicks on or even just views the ad associated with your film.

If factual content is your passion, then Current is the place where the users make the news. In addition to the opportunity of getting some feedback on your work if you upload your video here, you may even progress to their very own TV channel.  

So when it comes to sharing your film with the rest of the world, maybe it’s worth researching your options before just plonking it on the most obvious.


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