Web TV-Bebo-The London Affair

Web TV is becoming more popular but there is still a long way to go until it is fully and legally introduced to the UK audiences. Recently I attended a ‘guest speaker’ talk about ‘The London Affair‘ (2007, London. Writer/Director Nicholas Jones, Grassroots Media).The London Affair is a small volunteer based drama series based on the lives of 5 people based in london. It has five short films for the new London-based production company, aimed at the mobile-phone/ download market. The project began as a hobby, filming and directing was a hobby of the creator. However after they posted their film clips on bebo lots of people were loving them and the number of viewers increased massively. They were promoted to a front page slot on Bebo and enjoyed huge amounts of success. They are now trying to get another half a million pounds in funds and investments/advertising rights in order to continue their project.

A five short film of ‘The London Affair‘ are able to view on Bebo.

The London Affair

The London Affair

Sweney & Conlan (14th June 2007. Media Guardian Site: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/jun/14/itv.bbc) have reported that the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV are planning to joint venture to develop a vind deo downloads service that will “do for broadbawhat Freeview did for digital TV”. It is called “Project Kangaroo”. This plan aims to create a “one-stop shop”, media player for viewers to download their favourite TV shows and eventually the viewers will eventually be able to download TV and watch from thier computer but also they can download the TV show directly to their TV.

Sweney, Mark (4th February 2009. Media Guardian Site: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/feb/04/project-kangaroo-blocked-by-competition-commission ) reported that Project Kangaroo has been blocked from launching by the Competition Commission.


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