500 million Virgin Pieces!

Virgin TV

Virgin TV

No, before you inform the authorities about some kind of Virgin mass sacrifice in the woods of Wisconsin or something, I’m talking Internet TV…..calm now? Good.

So what’s 500 million the pieces? This is the pieces of broadband video content last year viewed on virgin, with the BBC’s iPlayer accounting for almost 20% of programmes watched!! Wow, that much! Yes!

This once again re alliterating the push of Internet TV as a forerunner in the way in which we consume TV now.

This is all coming with news of last months crash of Kangeroo, the joint venture between BBC, ITV and Channel 4 which has left the channels to rethink their strategies, with channel 4 following suit with an online version of its 4oD service.

Although I think the BBC is just cushy where it is….who knows perhaps somesort of TV integrated with the Internet might come along to help?….


BBC iPlayer

bbc iPlayer

bbc iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a website which allows you to catch up with programmes which have been shown on BBC channels in the last 7 days. It allows users to watch them on the website through Click to Play (streaming). This works on Windows, Macs, Linux, Nintendo Wii and iPhones etc. Examples of working on iPhones, Windows and Nintendo Wii’s will be shown in the next few weeks on my blog posts. BBC iPlayer only allows viewers to watch their own BBC TV Content from the past 7 days for United Kingdom users. It also allows them to download TV programmes and store them on to users’ computers for up to 30 days if their computer supports the BBC iPlayer Download Manager. For outside of the UK users can only listen to the BBC radio programmes.

iplayer bbc

iplayer bbc

Picture A.

As you can see in picture A, “s” means subtitle. When you press this button it will automatically show subtitles and when you press it again the subtitle will go. In the interactive way it is not much to allow audiences to play with compared to Hulu. It is not allowing audiences to leave comments or open a topic to discuss for example. The videos are able to watch in two different qualities: normal and high quality. High quality requires fast internet connections of at least 1Mbps.

iplayer interactive BBC

iplayer interactive BBC

Picture B

Picture B shows the BBC iPlayer’s comparisons other TV websites in which it allows people to share this link with other networks such as Del.icious, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and others.

Freeview Bid War has begun..

I read on “Media Week“, one of “Brand Republic” magazine sites, that a slot has opened up on the free-to-view platform “Freeview“.

The channel slot is set to create a multimillion-pound bidding war between different broadcasters. The reason for this is Freeview is now the UK’s most popular digital TV platform.

2007, Q4, UKs 60 million TV sets (not homes, Ofcom figures)

2007, Q4, UK's 60 million TV sets (not homes, Ofcom figures)

Ofcom’s Digital Television Update for Q2 2008 revealed that there are 16.7 million Freeview homes in the UK, boosted by sales of more than two million DTT set-top boxes or integrated digital TV sets.

The other reason is that unlike cable and satellite, channel slots on Freeview are scarce because of a lack of bandwidth on digital terrestrial TV.

Arqiva, which operates two of the six multiplexes (known as muxing, a term used to refer to a process where multiple digital data streams are combined into one signal over a shared medium) that make up Freeview, said the new channel would be available for use by February. The deadline for bids is 22nd October.

I believe Freeview is definitely the future of digital television as we are already seeing, with the arrival of Freeview+, allowing viewers to do exactly what Sky+ does but for free, means it holds strong grounds in the digital tv battleground.

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