Avast! Me booty has been Looted!

Pirate Bay Logo

Pirate Bay Logo


With the Pirate Bay trail at a close, now would be a good time to reflect and ask ourselves is it just an over-glorified and over-populated search engine or an illegal form of sharing?

For legal reasons I wont tell my own beliefs, however what I do know is that if Pirate Bay wins it will justify the millions of illegal downloaders and “torrentors” all around the world.

Pirate bay owners believe they are a modern day Robin Hood, by freeing creative content from the shackles of copyright.

The stats speak for themselves, IFPI estimates that the piracy rate of downloads last year was around 95 percent with over 40 billion files illegally shared in 2008. So by making a point with one site will have little impact on downloading.

Torrents are a great way to access content form different countries literally within hours of Broadcast. I have friends-of-friends-of-friends…..who will download the next desperate housewives a day after it has been shown in the US. The world is become a smaller place and no matter how you restrict content, like sites such as Hulu, you have a whole ocean of content for you swashbucklers to raid and receive you bounty! and pirates will always be their, its just an evolution of content consumption and freedoms to content.

So don’t belay, grab your grog and don’t get marooned or it’s to Davy Jones’ Locker with ye!