TV is evolving…

Internet Television

Internet Television

Yep, you heard me just like in natural selection, those that don’t evolve to adapt the new environment simply get left behind or are picked of one by one by it’s stronger rivals and predators.

What do I mean by this? Well let me explain.

With the launch of Samsungs new internet-enabled TV in partnership with Yahoo in the spring, which basically allows users to access the Internet while watching TV, we have to ask ourselves how true is the idea that TV broadcasting will move to the internet. Well it’s true in some sense as we have seen with the BBC’s own Frankenstein iPlayer, BBC themselves were even surprised. Although VOD services have clinched it back as we have seen in the previous blog on iPlayers virgin success.

However, we still go to the internet to reach those out limits which the TV cannot provide…..until now.

It seems the physical TV is trying to reclaim it’s top spot by incorporating the internet into its new wardrobe of features. It doesn’t stop there Myspace has also revealed it is to be the First Social network on TV.  The new TV application framework called the Widget Channel, co-developed by Intel and Yahoo will make it possible for internet streams to come through the television.

MySpace users will be able to “receive friend updates, read and reply to messages, receive friend requests, publish status and mood updates, see updates from friends and browse profiles and photos”

The Samsung and Yahoo partnership means viewers can access a wide-range of web-based channels or websites powered by the Yahoo Widget Engine through a TV set.

But how will this change anything? Will we still run to our computer to watch youtube or visit our favourite social networks leaving the television gathering dust or with this change will the TV once again be cool and unneglected?

Is this an evolutiuon that reflects it’s envirmoent or simply an aethic modification to better itself and stand out. Is it more peacock than eagle?