500 million Virgin Pieces!

Virgin TV

Virgin TV

No, before you inform the authorities about some kind of Virgin mass sacrifice in the woods of Wisconsin or something, I’m talking Internet TV…..calm now? Good.

So what’s 500 million the pieces? This is the pieces of broadband video content last year viewed on virgin, with the BBC’s iPlayer accounting for almost 20% of programmes watched!! Wow, that much! Yes!

This once again re alliterating the push of Internet TV as a forerunner in the way in which we consume TV now.

This is all coming with news of last months crash of Kangeroo, the joint venture between BBC, ITV and Channel 4 which has left the channels to rethink their strategies, with channel 4 following suit with an online version of its 4oD service.

Although I think the BBC is just cushy where it is….who knows perhaps somesort of TV integrated with the Internet might come along to help?….


The Internet saves the day!…


Crufts, that beloved dog show broadcast on the BBC for more than 40 years, will/was not this year, due to claims that it bred unhealthy dogs.

However that didn’t stop Crufts who looked for the help of Sunset+Vine, who will produce a live television feed to be shown on the Crufts site: www.crufts.org.uk free of charge and a catch-up video-on-demand service costing £1.99 per day or £9.99 for complete access until the service is closed at the end of March.

So once again the internet steps in when TV cant or in this case won’t. Another example of how we have found and been given more ways to watch television on an interactive level.

Give that dog a bone!